"Mercury is a poisonous substance, which slowly kills". ( more information on ARTICLES )

15 reasons to replace the so called luminescent, economical, compact now even induction lamps, which are really poisonous mercury-phosphorous and UV emitting, with LED lamps Ledvance and other good manufacturers:

1. Save twice or even triple the amount of energy.
2. Last up longer up to 50 times
3. Environmentally friendly - no toxic mercury, phosphorus and ultraviolet radiation.
4. Does not create an elecrtomagnetic emitting, especially with electronic ballast, which acts as a transmitter, while the mercury acts as an antenna.
5. The copper of the elecrtomagnetic ballast can be recycled into a secondary metal.
6. Lower light blinking because they powered by a direct current and as a result, no stroboscopic effect that is dangerous on machine tools.
7. They can withstand a hundred times more switch on than mercury lamps, which makes them more suitable for motion sensors.
8. The brightness reduction is insignificant at lower and even freezing temperature, while mercury lamps lose a significant amount of brightness.
9. Instant full brightness, while mercury lamps give light only after a several seconds 60-70% brightness and 100% only after 3-5 minutes.
10.Lower starting current, which increases the life of the motion sensors relays.
11. Can be repaired, which is important for work after the warranty period has expired.
12. The light spectra is closer to the sun's, more information about lamps spectra can be see in "articles" section.
13. Can be renovated, like have the LEDs changed for a different shade of color, for example from cool white to neutral or higher brightness.
14. Reduces the cost of maintenance by reducing the need for a lift for high hanging lamps.
15. Eliminates the risk of a fire.

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